Windows 8 Will Have Restore And Reset Functions

In June 2010, a leak of Microsoft’s detailed plans around the yet-to-be-released Windows 8 found its way onto the internet and newspaper headlines. It turns out that was not the last. A new leak delves into even more into the kind of functionalities users of Windows 8 can expect.
This time the information is around Microsoft’s plans to have not just the Restore function that Windows users have come to expect, but a Reset function also. So incisive is the leak that it even includes a screen shot of the end user panel for the two functions. The screen shot was leaked by, a site which has been the source of a number of earlier Windows 8 leaks.
windows8 Windows 8 Will Have Restore And Reset Functions
The Restore in Windows 8 is more or less the same as what has been available in previous Windows versions – that is, it allows the user to restore the computer to a user-specified restore point or to a restore point automatically created by the system. The Reset function on the other hand simply performs a factory reset. It removes all other software that has been installed on the computer after the purchase.
Windows 8 users will have options on the extents to which the reset can be performed. One option that users will find particularly useful is the ability to retain personal files and user profiles. That way, the reset does not have to lead to a loss of important data.
The reset function has been remarkable for its speed with tests showing the entire process taking just 2 minutes from start to finish. The reset speed however is a factor that depends on computer’s hardware capabilities.
There has been one drawback so far – the reset does not result in a thorough purge of the registry. Some of the registry parameters of the removed applications remain even after the reset.

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