Excellent Vertical CSS Menus For Blogger

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 today we will see how you can add Vertical CSS Menus in your Blogger or Blogspot Blogs. we have a different 17 types of vertical CSS Menus which you can integrate in your blog. This tutorial is also very easy to understand and after reading this post you will be able to integrate Vertical CSS Menus in your Blog. All Menus given here are customizable and free to use and Download. Vertical CSS menus work perfectly as a sidebar navigation solution for your blog.
Vertical CSS Menu for Blogger

Vertical Menus are specially for the blogger's who have the kind of Blog design where they can easily set the Vertical menus in their Sidebar as a Widget and hence can improve the look and feel of the blog as well. Here is a list of 17 Vertical menus and i will give you the demo and download link for all of them. Now what you need to do is just picked up the one you liked most and download it first. Below is a Complete list of Vertical menus.
Add Vertical Multi Level CSS Menus in Blogger

Below Menus are from the Above image and menu numbers are 1 to 17 respectively.
1. Orange PumpkinDemo | Download Source
2. Olive ArrowDemo | Download Source
3. Sky ArrowDemo | Download Source
4. Dark BubbleDemo | Download Source
5. Aqua BubbleDemo | Download Source
6. Bittbox BlackDemo | Download Source
7. Massive BlueDemo | Download Source
8. White GhostDemo | Download Source
9. Grey HatDemo | Download Source
10. Aqua Bubble WrapDemo | Download Source
11. Red Bubble WrapDemo | Download Source
12. Blue Bubble WrapDemo | Download Source
13. Grey Bubble WrapDemo | Download Source
14. Orange Bubble WrapDemo | Download Source
15. Lime Bubble WrapDemo | Download Source
16. Pink Bubble WrapDemo | Download Source
17. Purple Bubble WrapDemo | Download Source

Before Going ahead you should have now three Things.

1) HTML File - Contains the code of the menu
2) Images folder - Contains Images used in menu
3) CSS file - Contains Style used in menu

Now After Choosing the Menu follow the steps given below to add the menu in Blogger.

Step 1. Go to your blogger dashboard and select the blog in which you want to add drop down menu.
Step 2. Navigate to the Layout > Page Elements.

Layout Page ElementsStep 3. Now click on Add a Gadget and paste the menu code (Copy the code from the downloaded source of the drop down menu) and click on save button.

Step 4. Now Drag & Drop that Widget to the top of the Blog Posts Section and Done!.

Add Menu in BloggerHow to Add CSS for Menu:

  • On Your Dashboard, Click on Layout (see below shown picture for further assistance)
Select   Blogger Layout
  • Now Click on HTML (see below shown picture for further assistance)


  • Now Check the box of Expand Widget Templates (see below shown picture for assistance)
Expand template code

Now find this code ]]></b:skin> and Put the CSS Code exactly Above the code.

How to Add Images of Menu in Blogger:
To Add any image you need to just upload it to the Picasa or in blogger and copy the generated HTML image Code and paste that code in Menu Code or CSS Code wherever applicable. if you find any difficulty where to put image and why comment below.

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How to Earn money with your blog?

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Many people want to make money online and expect that to happen in one night. But that is not possible. Because you can never get anything that easily in life. So the next question that arises "Is it that difficult to earn money through blogging?" No!!! So, what is the answer? Simple!! You just put some hard work and you can earn money!! First you need to know what are the ways to make money with a blog. So in this post let me tell you the various ways to make money.

Earn through PPC(Paid Per Click)

The first thing that comes into our mind when we think we need to make money with our blog is Google Adsense. These are ads which are automatically displayed by Google. When people click them, you earn money(a percentage of the original cost paid by the advertiser). I heard both positive and negatives about them. Few of friends make good money through them while few do not make even a cent. I am sure if you have enough traffic and have the right content, you can end up with lots of money.

The major advantage is that they display ads relevant to the content which many other sites do not. Other alternatives to Adsense will be Bidvertiser, Adbrite, LinkWorth, PogAds and many more.... I recommend LinkWorth because they have the best services and also the payments are sent on time. Moreover, I tried it personally and had few success with them.

Earn through Affiliate Sponsors

Another way to make money is through using affiliate ads. These are usually linked to a product. If someone buys a product via your blog, then you get a % of the sale. The most popular affiliate program is Amazon, who may give upto 6% of a sale. Other alternatives are WidgetBucks, Chitika and so on... I recommend you to try Amazon!!!

Earn through Paid Posts

This method will make good amount if you are person who write original content. It needs good command over the language you write. People who copy and paste contents from other sites will not make any cent through this method. If you are interested in this, you can make easy cash through PayPerPost. Other alternatives would be SponsoredReviews,Smorty,Blogvertise and so on. I recommend you to join PayPerPost.

Earn through Private Ads

Another way for bloggers to make money is through selling ads directly to sponsors. This means there is no intermediary like Google to collect a percentage of what you made. You may also get a higher return because the advertiser can better target his ad. Though this process looks very simple, it is very difficult to get an advertiser who will publicize his ads in your blog because your blog can never have a traffic like Yahoo or Google. But still if you spend time and search in your niche, you may get one!!!

The above mentioned methods are very simple techniques that will make money money for you from your blog. Though they seem to be simple it is quite difficult to achieve that because you need huge traffic coming to your blog. And that is only possible if you update your blog regularly and post genuine content in it. Hope everyone make money online with these simple tips. 
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