6 Unique Thailand blogger templates

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1. Map Thailand Blogger template
Tags: fixed width, left sidebar, light, pagenavi, social bookmarking, threaded comments, two columns, valid css, valid xhtml, widget ready

2. Smile to Bangkok
Tags: black, fixed width, left sidebar, pagenavi, social bookmarking, threaded comments, two columns, valid css, valid xhtml, widget ready

3.The Songkran Festival
Tags: fixed width, light, pagenavi, right sidebar, social bookmarking, threaded comments, two columns, valid css, valid xhtml, widget ready
Categories: Holiday Fun Blog in Thailand

4.Miss Pattaya in Thailand
Tags: fixed width, left sidebar, light, pagenavi, social bookmarking, threaded comments, two columns, valid css, valid xhtml, widget ready
Categories: City Sightseeing Blog

5.Irresistible Attraction of Thailand
Tags: fixed width, left sidebar, light, pagenavi, social bookmarking, threaded comments, two columns, valid css, valid xhtml, widget ready
Categories: Thailand Weekend Trips Blog

6. 1001 Thailand Vacation Ideas
Tags: fixed width, left sidebar, light, pagenavi, social bookmarking, threaded comments, two columns, valid css, valid xhtml, widget ready
Categories: Vacation Spots in Thailand

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Night Sky 1.1

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live demo

Template author:Ray Creations
Night Sky 1.1 is a free blogger template with 3 columns, right sidebar, exclusive design for Blogger and vectorial elements.
Excellent layout for blogs about art or fantasy.
Rating4.6 out of 5 based on 14 bloggers.
Compatible with:FFIEChrome

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Green Grass

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live demo

Template author:Buy My Themes
Green Grass is a free blogger template adapted from WordPress with 2 columns, right sidebar and rounded corners.
Excellent layout for blogs about animals or nature.
Rating3.0 out of 5 based on 1 bloggers.
Compatible with:FFIEChrome

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Download Full and Free McAfee Internet Security for 6 Months

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Now make your PC and Notebook secure byDownloading Full and Free McAfee Internet Security for 6 Months. McAfee Security Available to More Than 350 Million Facebook Users Worldwide. The world’s leading dedicated security company (McAfee), and Facebook announced an unprecedented collaboration that will provide additional security protection to a significant portion of the Internet population.

Download Full and Free McAfee Internet Security for 6 Months
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How To Unlock iPhone 2G in Windows XP

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We have Already seen how to unlock iPhone 2G in Mac OS now we will have another Tutorial for Unlock and Jailbreaking the iPhone 2G in Windos XP.
These are instructions on how to unlock/jailbreak your 2G iPhone to the 2.2.1 iPhone firmware using QuickPwn for Windows. Before beginning make sure you have updated to iTunes 8.0.2.
How To Unlock iPhone 2G in Windows XP
Step One
Create a folder called Pwnage on your desktop.

Download the following files and place them in the Pwnage folder you just created:
BL 3.9
BL 4.6
2.2.1 (2G):iPhone1,1_2.2.1_5H11_Restore.ipsw

Extract the QuickPwn-225-2.zip file to the Pwnage folder.

Step Two
Connect your iPhone to the computer and launch iTunes.

Select your iPhone from the list of devices on the left. Now hold down shift and click the Restore button. Restore is preferred as it won't create any wasted space on your iPhone.

Navigate to the Pwnage folder on your desktop and select the 2.2.1 firmware ipsw. Click the Open button to continue.

Step Three
Once iTunes has finished updating your iPhone to the 2.2.1 firmware you may launch QuickPwn.exe from the Pwnage folder on your desktop.

Step Four
Make sure you iPhone is connected to the computer and click the blue arrow to continue.

Step Five
Click the Browse button to locate your iPhone firmware.

Step Six
Select the 2.2.1 firmware ipsw from the Pwnage folder on your desktop then click the Open button.

Step Seven
QuickPwn will check to make sure the ipsw is valid. Click the blue arrow button to continue.

Step Eight
You can now select whether to Add Cydia, Add Installer, Replace Boot Logos, and Unlock Phone. Select the ones you would like to perform then click the clue arrow button

Step Nine
You will now be asked to select your bootloader files. Click the Browse button and select the 3.9 bootloader from the Pwnage folder on your desktop. Likewise do the same thing for the 4.6 bootloader file. Then click the blue arrow button to continue.

Step Ten
QuickPwn will now ask you to confirm your iPhone is connected via USB before continuing. Click the blue arrow button to proceed.

Step Eleven
QuickPwn will now automatically put your iPhone into recovery mode. Once its in recovery mode you will be prompted to: Hold the Home button for 5 seconds, Hold the Home and Power buttons for 10 seconds, then release the Power button and continuing holding the Home button until your iPhone is in DFU mode.

Watch the prompts carefully and follow along.

Step Twelve
Once QuickPwn detects your iPhone in DFU mode it will begin the jailbreak process.

Step Thirteen
Once jailbreaking is complete QuickPwn will inform you that it was successfull. Your iPhone will then proceed to run BootNeuter. This process will take about 5 minutes. Please be patient. Your iPhone will reboot when it has completed the process successfully!
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How To Add Signature in Blogger

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This post is for blogspot users who want to attach a signature in their Blogger Blogs. After Receiving an e-mail from one of my blog reader i have posted this article which will guide you through and let you know that How you can add Signature in Blogger like the image given here.

Signature in Blogger

Some Prerequisites before we start:

Before Adding the signature you must have an image of your signature of any size, but i suggest you to use small signature image. you can use Microsoft Excel or Word to Create a signature image and save it as .jpg or .png, after having an image you need to upload it to your server. I will suggest you to upload it into one of your blog post and once you have uploaded the image you can go into your post's EDIT HTML section and copy the<img srcpan>='url_of_your_signature_image' style='border:0px;'/> Code. Once you have copied that code you can delete that code but copy the code in some notepad for further use.
Read ahead now for how to add that signature image in blogger.

How To Add Signature in Blogger:

  • On Your Dashboard, Click on Layout (see below shown picture for further assistance)

Select Blogger Layout
  • Now Click on HTML (see below shown picture for further assistance)

  • Now Check the box of Expand Widget Templates (see below shown picture for assistance)

Expand template code
lt;div class='post-footer-line post-footer-line-1'>
<p class='post-footer-line post-footer-line-1'>

After above code paste the image code you have copied already and save you template.

something like this:
<div class='post-footer-line post-footer-line-1'>
<img src='url_of_your_signature_image' style='border:0px;'/>

That's it, now you will find that at the end of each blog post your signature image is displaying very well.

if you have any difficulty while implementing this hack, comment below your problem.
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Download Free Registry Fixer For Windows - 1 Click Software

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If you are hunting any free Registry fixer tool then here you can Download Free Registry Fixer For Windows - 1 Click Software. How many errors does your computer have?. Your PC crashes for no apparent reason. You keep receiving error messages and don't know why. Your PC runs much slower than when you first bought it. Are you frustrated by your computer's bad performance then you should try it once.

Download Free Registry Fixer For Windows

This award winning software starts by conducting a deep scan of your registry, checking for file extension errors and other registry conflicts. With Free Registry Fixer you'll see immediate increases in performance and decreases in system conflicts.

Registry Cleaner Features

  • Safely scans your entire Windows registry for invalid or obsolete information;
  • A simple, user-friendly interface with which you can safely repair invalid entries in your Windows Registry;
  • Allows you to remove invalid entries automatically or manually;
  • Makes your computer work faster by cleaning your Windows registry;
  • Improves your Windows PC's overall performance and stability;
  • Finds Windows Registry keys left over from deleted files or uninstalled applications;
  • Restores / Backups registry;
  • Easy to use, no knowledge of the registry is required.

Screen shot of the Registry Fixer

Registry Cleaner Software

Registry Cleaner for Windows

Minimal system requirements: Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/NT/XP/2000/2003/Vista x32, Vista x64/Windows 7 installed and configured on your system.

Here is the list of computer problems that Free Registry Fixer solves:
  1. Slow Boot up
  2. Longer Machine Response Time
  3. Unexpected System Crashes
  4. BSOD (Blue Screen of Death)
  5. Unresponsive System
  6. Slower Internet Browser Response
  7. Slow Start Up of Your Favorite Software

Download it for Free from here -http://www.digeus.com/downloads/regcleaner/download-free-registry-fixer.html

- Try it and let us know your views.
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check List For SEO - Learn SEO Techniques

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Check List For SEO

if you are a new into this blogging world and want to learn the SEO techniques then Read the article given below. 
  • Sometimes the novice webmaster needs a step by step guide to the basics of SEO. The beast known as search engine optimization may be too much for a beginner to understand in the first days and months of building and promotion. This checklist includes everything the beginner needs to know about SEO for their new website.
  • Start a website built on value. The visitor wants to buy your product or service but you have to convince them why they NEED it with great product information.
  • Use keywords early. The primary keyword (s) for a website should be used within the first 25 words of every article. The remaining instances need to be spread out with one in the closing paragraph.
  • Use only targeted keywords. The keywords you use will be indexed by search engines. The search engines are where the majority of your traffic will originate. The reader wants to find content, products and services that embody that keyword.
  • Simple website designs are the best. The reader does not want to be overcome with angst when they hit your front page. Too much movement and clutter can have the same effect as rush hour traffic. Simple is better.
  • Build your website with quality depth. The more content on your website about your product or service the better. With each new page, make sure to bookmark and submit that page specific URL to search engines and directories.
  • Check out your competitors. Doing a search for your keyword and checking out each of the websites ranked about you on the search engine rankings page is essential to success. These websites are doing something better than you, so find out what it is. How old is their website? How many backlinks do they have? What is their keyword density per article? These facts can all help you build your site.
  • Site analytics are the key to understanding your visitor. Website analytics break down the incoming traffic stats for every website. These stats can include the keyword used to visit the website, the country of origin and whether the hit was earned from a search engine or link. The most effective marketing campaigns will be built on these results.
  • Give the visitor something for saying HELLO. Once the visitor hits your home page, what reason do they have to return? Free e-books, newsletters and coupons are all a great way to keep a visitor coming back for more.
  • Expertise is crucial. Anyone can rewrite content on the Internet, but an expert can give that information a formal push. The more you know about your niche, the more the content will feel like it is coming from an expert. Give the reader something new and exciting to read and they will subscribe to your feed and come back for more.
  • Integrate social networking tools. Social networking is the best way to get out the word about your website. With a SHARE type tool, the visitor can click one button and share your website with everyone on their friend list. This could mean more traffic and more money in your pocket.
  • Building a website right the first time will reduce the amount of time spent fixing build and marketing mistakes. This checklist is very simple and by no way includes all of the things you need to do to run an effective online business. But, following these tips will get your site off to the right start every time.
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List of All Social Bookmarking Sites

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I will share List of All Social Bookmarking Sites with you guys today, everybody is aware of power of Social Media, there are plenty of Social bookmarking sits are available in the market and millions of people make billions of bookmarks everyday, Social Bookmarking is a method for Internet users to share, organize, search, and manage bookmarks of web resources. Unlike file sharing, the resources themselves aren't shared, merely bookmarks that reference them.

Social Bookmarking sites

In a social bookmarking system, users save links to web pages that they want to remember and/or share.

Below is a All Social Bookmarking Sites List Collected for SEO and Traffic:

  1. bonzobox.com
  2. bookmarks.yahoo.com
  3. bookmarksync
  4. buzz.yahoo.com
  5. freelink.org
  6. google.com/bookmarks
  7. linkagogo.com
  8. only2clicks.com
  9. plurk.com
  10. socialogs.com
  11. spotback.com
  12. tagz.in
  13. vi.sualize.us
  14. voo2do.com
  15. www.agglom.com
  16. www.aol.com
  17. www.ask.com
  18. www.bibsonomy.org
  19. www.blinklist.com
  20. www.blurpalicious.com
  21. www.bmaccess.net
  22. www.bookkit.com
  23. www.bookmarkall.com
  24. www.bookmarks2.com
  25. www.bookmarktracker.com
  26. www.buddymarks.com
  27. www.bukmark.net
  28. www.buzka.com
  29. www.chipmark.com
  30. www.clipmarks.com
  31. www.cloudytags.com
  32. www.connectedy.com
  33. www.connotea.org
  34. www.corank.com
  35. www.delicious.com
  36. www.digg.com
  37. www.digmypage.com
  38. www.diigo.com
  39. www.dropjack.com
  40. www.dzone.com
  41. www.edutagger.com
  42. www.faves.com
  43. www.faviki.com
  44. www.favoor.com
  45. www.fleck.com
  46. www.folkd.com
  47. www.friendfeed.com
  48. www.friendsite.com
  49. www.fuzzfizz.com
  50. www.getboo.com
  51. www.gruks.com
  52. www.hyperlinkomatic.com
  53. www.ikeepbookmarks.com
  54. www.iloggo.com
  55. www.insugest.com
  56. www.jumptags.com
  57. www.koolontheweb.com
  58. www.krumlr.com
  59. www.kwout.com
  60. www.laterthis.com
  61. www.limca.info
  62. www.linkarena.com
  63. www.listerlister.com
  64. www.memfrag.com
  65. www.memotoo.com
  66. www.mister-wong.com
  67. www.mixx.com
  68. www.multiply.com
  69. www.mylinkvault.com
  70. www.mysitevote.com
  71. www.noovo.com
  72. www.oneview.in
  73. www.oyax.com
  74. www.pagestacker.com
  75. www.propeller.com
  76. www.reddit.com
  77. www.searchles.com
  78. www.secondbrain.com
  79. www.sitebar.org
  80. www.sitejot.com
  81. www.siteslike.com
  82. www.springo.com
  83. www.spurl.net
  84. www.sqworl.com
  85. www.startaid.com
  86. www.streakr.com
  87. www.stumbleupon.com
  88. www.stylehive.com
  89. www.tagtooga.com
  90. www.tagza.com
  91. www.tedigo.net
  92. www.totalpad.com
  93. www.tumblr.com
  94. www.twine.com
  95. www.walk2web.com
  96. www.xerpi.com
  97. www.zeadoo.com
  98. www.zigtag.com
  99. www.ziki.com
  100. xmarks.com

Thats is the complete list of All Social Bookmarking Sits. If you thought that i have missed anything here then help me to update this list and suggest the sites in comment section.
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