Google Chrome Offline Installer - Full Setup

Offline Installer and Full setup file of Google Chrome is available now, you remembered that you need to download chrome via online installer and then you can do setup of it. Now you can download the Latest Version of Google Chrome from Google website and some other sources where you can download full setup of Google Chrome and install offline. As you know Chrome is a web browser that runs web pages and applications with lightning speed, so i need to store setup in my PC of it forever :-)

Google Chrome Offline Installer
Below Here is the link from where you can download full setup of Google Chrome and install from your machine in-spite of being offline. This setup is approx of 11 Mb.

Download Google Chrome offline installer
Features of Google Chrome:

Four features which are there for developers and webmasters are Inspect Element, Javascript Debugger, Task Manager and View Source.

Inspect Element – It allows you to inspect a single component of any web page, you just need to right click the component and select Inspect Element.

Javascript Debugger – You can use this for debugging any javascript loaded with the web page.

Task Manager – This is the most favourite feature provided with google chrome which lets you see the memory consumption of each opened tab.

Download offline installer for Google Chrome from here if above link not works.

Google Chrome Full Setup Link 1
Google Chrome Full Setup Link 2

Comment below if you have any doubt or any links given above are not working.

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