TeleNav GPS – Now Free in AppStore

TeleNav GPS is now available for free at App Store. TeleNav, the location service provider, offers this application to all iPhone 4 users. This application includes free local search and additional maps, contributing directions to 22 million locations. In addition, the program also provides continuous automatic updates.
This offer comes along with an additional service pack that allows users to access advanced navigation features. Those who are concerned about the new features can adopt the new pay-as-you-go plan of $21.99 yearly fee or $2.99 monthly fee. In addition to this option, the user can select the “stay free” option and utilize only the search capabilities and free GPS maps.
best portable gps TeleNav GPS   Now Free in AppStore
The new offer that includes the highly developed features is also provided throughout Verizon Wireless career for $19.99 per year. This offer is available only by the end of March. The innovative features included in the TeleNav pack are turn-by-turn onscreen and by voice driving directions, weather updates in different locations, traffic jam avoidances, real-time traffic alerts, intelligent re-routing, full-color 3D maps, online pre-plan trips, business listings and automated routing updates.
The TeleNav Company previously has more than 20 million users who currently use different navigation services. One of the most popular services among subscribers is AT&T Navigator App. This application can also be downloaded free, but it requires a monthly or yearly fee of $9.99, respective $69.99. The AT&T program includes many features, similar to the updated TeleNav GPS characteristics, such as real-time traffic updates, one-touch speech recognition and off-line maps. In addition, most programs also consist of merchant information, reviews and ratings so that users can decide easier on the most suitable application.
The TeleNav offer might have a great sensation among iPhone users who are prepared to try the TeleNav GPS system. Compared to previous application, the current offer supports both, Spanish and English languages, addressing to a much extended market segment.

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