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If you have noticed the template of geek blogger blog, we are using modified Meta-Morphosis black and Gray template, if you also want to use any one from these list of best blogger templates, you are free to use. Meta-morphosis series contains 10 blogger templates for your personal/business Blogger needs. You can download complete series for your blog.

Best Blogger Templates - Meta Morphosis1

All the meta morphosis blogger templates contains so many features and light weight load time, It has a custom backgrounds (see in screen shots below), Drop down menu for navigation, Pages links as a menu, cool effect and color combination, Search box to search the content, A wonderful footer (3 column footer)and wonderful comments integrations.

Meta-morphosis Evo

Meta-morphosis Colors

Meta-morphosis MC (multi colors/circles)

Meta-morphosis Striped-pink

Meta-morphosis Striped-blue

Meta-morphosis Striped-green

Meta-morphosis Striped-purple

Meta-morphosis Striped-red

Meta-morphosis Striped yellow

Meta-morphosis Striped-grey

Download All at once.

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