How to Add Bookmark Us Hyperlink to Blogger Blogs

For your website to have traffic, people should remember your site and visit again. This problem was solved long time ago with browser's Bookmarks. Still, people are lazy and usually are not using it, unless you remind them. so you can add a quick "Bookmark this page" link in all your pages. Clicking on the link prompts the user with a dialog box to add the specified URL to the Favorites list.

Login To Blogger Go To > Design > Edit HTML.

and mark the tick box "Expand Widget Templates"

Then, find (CTRL+F) this code in the template.

And immediately before it, paste this code:
<script src='' style='text/javascript'/>
Now click Save Template.

Then, Go To > Design > Page Elements.

Simply add a Gadget of HTML/JavaScript type and add the code given below
<a href="javascript:bookmarksite('WEBSITE NAME GOES HERE', 'URL GOES HERE')">Bookmark This Site</a>
and to change the text to image / button , we should replace the word Bookmark This Site in the code with the following
Finally save your template and you are done!

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wholesale electronics on October 17, 2011 at 10:50 AM said... [Reply]

as easy as pie

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