Add A Free Forum To Your Blogger/BlogSpot Blog

in free Blogger/BlogSpot blogs, you are not allowed to create a sub-domain or even a new directory (an online folder). So hosting a forum seems impossiblebut not anymore. Before you read any further, see these 2 examples:

1. A Blogger Blog completely changed in to a Forum.
2. A simple (static) page on a normal Blogger blog, converted to a Forum.

Instructions to Add a Forum To Your Blog

STEP #1:
Create and publish a new static page on your blog, exclusively for a forum. As an example, check out my forums-static-page here:

STEP #2:
Create a new forum at Nabble: Free Forums at Nabble [You will do this within 5 minutes]
Copy the HTML code...

STEP #3:
Go to Blogger Dashboard -> Design -> Edit HTML and mark the tick-box "Expand Widget Tempaltes".

STEP #4:
Find (CTRL+F) this code, in your template:
<div id='content-wrapper'>

If you are not able to find the above mentioned code, then find (CTRL+F) this one (for new templates made for Blogger Template Designer)
<div class='columns fauxcolumns'>

And immediately ABOVE/BEFORE it, paste the code you got from Nabble, with this ADDITIONAL code (Highlighted in BLUE and RED):

<b:if cond='data:blog.url == &quot;;'>
NOTE (Important): Replace the code in RED, with the link to your forum-page.

STEP #5:
Save your temaplate.

STEP #6:
This step will HIDE everything from your blog (post content, sidebar widgets etc.) and ONLY forum will be visible in your forum-page.
Find this code in your template:
And immediately ABOVE/BEFORE it, paste this code:
<b:if cond='data:blog.url == &quot;http://all4blogs.blogspot/p/all4blogs-community.html&quot;'>
<style type='text/css'>
#content-wrapper {
display:none !important;
.columns, .fauxcolumns {
display:none !important;
NOTE (Important): Replace the code in RED, with the link to your forum-page.

That's it, a new forum on your blog is ready.
Now, Invite your readers and friends to join you at your forums.

NOTE: If you want to replace an entire blog with a forum, as shown in the first example (Forum In A Blogger Blog), then, first create a new blog. Download the template as a backup. Now, replace everything between the BODY tags in the template:



with the code copied from Nabble. So your template, code will look something like this:

<a id="nabblelink" href="****.html">all4blogs Demo Forums</a>
<script src="****"></script>


And save the template.
Forums are entirely different from blogs. Forums let your readers interact with each other, create new topics/discussions and some of them even moderate the forums along with you. 
1. Forum from Wikipedia
2. The popular Digital Point Forums

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