How To Jailbreak IPAD with Simple steps

In this post i wil show you How To Jailbreak IPAD with a very Simple steps.

warring : Before the jailbreak open itunes and take a backup copy of your programs and files.
Should use  ITUNES version 9 and up

now we start jailbreaking

  1. download Spirit.exe
  2. click right and We Following the steps described in the pictures


Now we connect the IPAD with computer and we run spirit and we click on jailbreak

Wait a little IPAD will restart and show a picture of Loading
At the end of the process will show the following image shows that the process was successful
Alert : don't click Quit for closing spirit use the close button  

Congratulations the jailbreak was successful

and this some picture show cydia after jailbreak on IPAD 32gb

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